Divine Commodities


As we all know, real wealth is to be healthy. The world’s supply of safe and organic food is continuously declining which results in scarcity. Divine Earth Group is committed to undertake commodity investing through our Divine Agricultural Projects.

Commodities can also be a superb complement to any portfolio. As a long-term investment, commodities offer the potential for attractive returns, can reduce risk through improved diversification and may help portfolios to outpace inflation.

These portfolios are managed commodities locally and the portfolio will be denominated in JMD currency. The projects objective is to provide organic based food for its members as well as a regular stream of income and modest capital gains by managing and trading in commodities.

Commodities are bought at the beginning of each month; therefore, projects will begin at that time. Divine Commodities Portfolios are diversified among the agricultural sector. The value of these investments may change depending on the market price.

Divine Commodities currently has five (5) portfolios:

Divine Honey :registered:, consisting mainly of honey and other by-products of the honey bees.
Divine Sheep:registered:, consisting mainly of sheep rearing for meat consumption and trading.
Divine Goat, consisting mainly of goat rearing for meat consumption and trading.
Divine Cattle, consisting mainly of cattle rearing for meat consumption and trading.
Divine Garden :registered:, consisting mainly of trading produce including cash crop.

Buying and Selling Units

The initial minimum dollar value of units that can be purchased for the portfolios of the Divine Commodities is one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) or a minimum of five (5) units, whichever is greater. Thus, under normal circumstances, applications cannot be made for less than the stated amounts in any portfolio. The minimum withholding period for all commodities, excepting Divine Garden is one (1) year.

Returns and Payments

Returns will be paid semi-annually on an accrual basis. The rate of return will be based solely on the performance of the project(s). The investor has a right to re-invest the gains or to encash units accordingly. All returns will be credited to the clients’ Commodities Management Account accordingly until instructed by the client.

Potential Risks to Investors

An investment in the project is at the sole responsibility of the investor(s). Shareholders in the projects accept market pricing risks. Risks may also include Acts of God such as hurricane and flood, economic conditions, political and regulatory risks.

The investor gives the project manager exclusive rights to sell commodities to Divine Nature Distributors Company Limited or any other company and/or individual it deems fit at the current market price. The investor does not have the right to ask the project manager for any commodities that belongs to the project.

Fees and Expenses

1) All costs incurred during a purchase and resale of units becomes the sole responsibility of the client.

2) The project manager shall be paid an annual management fee of ten (10%) of the gross value of the project for services rendered. This shall be deducted from the assets of the project(s). These fees accrue daily and are paid semi-annually in arrears.

3) The project will be responsible for all expenses including operational costs, audit if necessary, and so on.

Terms and Conditions
• Returns will be made quarterly, semi-annually and annually (depending on the commodity)
• Minimum holding period 1yr except Divine Venture
• Preliminary fee of 10% of asset value if held under minimum holding period (Divine Venture)
• Management fee of 10% of gross value of asset
• Loan privilege of Up to 80% of holdings from our affiliate(s)

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